Parry Nutraceuticals is a division of EID Parry, which deals in sugar and nutraceuticals.

EID Parry is a part of India’s
leading business Murugappa Group.
Founded in 1900 and currently valued at $5.3billion, the Group has 28 businesses, including nine listed companies trading in NSE and BSE, and fosters an environment of professionalism with a workforce of over 50,000 employees.
Our Pristine Location for Algae grown in an organic culture based on sustainable practices.
Located away from industrial, agricultural activities and human settlement. With pure air, clean ground water, plentiful sunlight and ideal temperature.
Our Infrastructure
State-of-the-art equipment’s for cultivation and processing.
A team of expert researchers.
More than 3 decades of expertise in micro-algae cultivation.
Our Manufacturing Process
Our Manufacturing Process
Our minimally processed products preserve the nutrients and the pigments, which might otherwise be stripped during harsh processing
Our algae is natural - no synthetic substances used
Neither our strains nor the nutrients we feed them are genetically modified ensuring pure and verified products
The harvested cells are treated aptly and are not subjected to any spoilage or loss of nutrients
There is no sterilisation/irradiation process
Our algae is always in an active form and hence prevents growth of any other viable algae or gracers
There is no contamination because of less manual intervention during production
Our Quality Assurance Systems
We comply with stringent norms with respect to heavy metals/pesticides /PAH/algal toxins etc
Our algae does not accumulate any heavy metals
We screen over 500 pesticide residues in the raw material we use and in the final products, hence complying with the stringent EU organic norms.
Ultra-modern lab where testing and analysis is done in compliance with Global Regulatory Standards.
Our products are externally audited for contaminants by renowned labs like Eurofins and Eurofins WEJ Contaminants GmbH lab, Germany and Covance Lab, USA
We offer complete traceability from raw material to final product
Risk based preventive controls in the area of supply chain, process, hygiene/sanitation and allergens
Consistent and smooth supply chain
Advanced systems to ensure consistent supply of raw materials for growing the algae
Sustainability initiatives to ensure that water resources are available
Well established culture conditions and downstream processes
Well trained and experienced human resources
Precautions and preparedness plans in case of emergencies or natural calamities
Robust quality assurance systems to ensure that there is no deviation from plan
cGMP to address any abnormalities as per complete root cause analysis