We are in an era, where businesses need to be more responsible towards how we affect the environment and Parry has answered that call by integrating sustainability into the very framework of its operations. Parry believes that the sustainability of its business is dependent on the communities that it serves, the environment that provides its resources, as well as the stakeholders who support its programs and provide valuable insights and feedback for continuing improvement.

With this in mind, the company addresses the needs of the communities, the environment, and the economy, thereby creating and maximizing shared value. Parry’s sustainable management systems have allowed us to ensure that the improvements we have made are aligned with our commitment and consistent with international standards. Through this, we have already laid the groundwork necessary to continue our journey towards a sustainable future with our focus on water conservation, improvement in energy efficiency and efficient waste management.

Sustainability EVENTS
Water Conservation alt
We are relentlessly striving to grow the best quality microalgae by minimising the environmental impacts of our operations.
Improving Energy Efficiency
We recognize that we can contribute to mitigating the environmental challenges by reducing energy consumption across our operations.
Parry’s approach to waste management starts with exploring areas for reducing waste followed by reusing and recycling waste.